Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells is a state-of-the-art NHS Hospital with a private health suite that’s takes self-pay and insured patients.

The Trust wanted to promote the private wing to patients who visit the hospital clinics and emergency room. Because of infection control conventional posters are not allowed to be used within the Trust.

Lean produced a statically charged ‘Cling’ with a QR code that linked to the Well Suite website. The ‘Cling’ sticks to virtually any surface and is easily removed for replacement or if a patient wanted to take one to act as a ‘flyer,’ without leaving behind any marks or residue – they were used in all areas of the hospital.

What are Clings?
Think about the static charge you create when you rub a balloon against your hair – Clings are an electro-static, recyclable polypropylene film that will “Cling” to virtually any surface without the need for tape or adhesive. Clings stick on both sides, facing in or out, to glass, wood, metal, plaster and brick making them quick to apply and remove.

The Benefits

  • Easy to use – no expensive installation required
  • Easy to remove – no damage or sticky residue
  • Sticks to virtually any surface, not just glass
  • Repositionable
  • Bubble free
  • Does not tear or stretch
  • Fully recyclable – made from a type 5 plastic with a paper backer


  • Can be trim to size, kiss-cut or die-cut
  • Clings Standard Offset for sizes up to A1
  • Clings Digital for small quantities and/or large format




November 2012

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