Objective – To create website for Cauda Equina Syndrome UK Charity (CESuk) to help increase awareness to HCPs and spinal injury units and to provide a forum where suffers feel they can talk openly about their condition. Hollister Continence Care sponsors the site.

Solution – A secure ‘niche social media platform’ was built where sufferers and HCPs who work in the area can interact in a private environment. The community share experiences about living with the condition and improving early diagnosis and treatment of Cauda Equina.

The closed community is built within our custom CMS framework that has many rich features including…
•    My private wall – Activity feeds on what’s happening in users community.
•    Private messaging – member-to-member.
•    Personal blogs – Allows users to broadcast their activities and experiences to the broader community.
•    Events posts – Members can create and organise community events for online and offline activities.
•    User forums – Members can create and participate in discussions about their interests.
•    Media uploads – Share video and images.
•    Directory Pages – Robust directory system where companies and organisations have a page about services.
•    Groups – Create groups to socialise around any topic with other members who have similar interests and manage which groups you see activity on.
•    Advertising space – Has monetised the site to raise money for the Charity through sidebar adverts relevant to the condition.

The site is content managed by the Client and is gaining in popularity with an average of 15 new uses being created weekly, bringing together fellow suffers and HCP's who are starting to communicate more regularly and openly with each other.

Building the site has enriched the Marketing Toolkit CMS with many new modules. This niche social media platform can be taken off the shelf and re-purposed for any purpose where a social network is required at a fraction of the cost usually associated with doing so.

If you have a community you want to create, we have two packages that are suited to many purposes, so give us a call to discuss your requirements.

"We're very impressed with the guidance and support we have received from Lean Productions, the website has proved to be a hit with our members and a huge asset to the charity and we look forward to seeing it continue to expand and develop as we do.
Emma Willis – CES UK Charity


Hollister Continence Care


January 2013

Services Provided:

Web design, web production

Tech Used:

Geolocation, PHP, JS, AJAX, HTML5, Facebook API, Advanced Community Manager

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